Digital Expressions: Black Joy (Oscam)

OSCAM x Digital Expressions: Black Joy is an exhibition that focuses on the experience and understanding of Black Joy. It reflects the idea that Black people experience joy despite their history and its aftermath. Without any doubt, apology or embarrassment. Indoors, within the community moreover online via social media, there is a collective sense of understanding with regard to Black experiences that incite laughter.

For this exhibition, together with a broad audience, we investigate what these collective experiences of joy within the Black community are. We explore what it looked like then and now, their working methods, its manifestation, and what the value and meaning of this intangible heritage is. For our audience, social – thus digital – media is a nurtured way to express themselves. With this project, we encourage them to find the digital path to the cultural wealth of the past and present, and to investigate how this can serve as a source of inspiration for today’s creative expressions. We encourage new creators to feed on the heritage of their community and thereafter express the power of that community in a way that is future-proof.

Digital Expressions: Black Joy is an off- and online exhibition. Of which the online exhibit will launch during the first Speak Session scheduled on January 26, 2023 via  Within this  virtual world new features will be available, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the artwork. In order to gain access to this virtual reality an admission fee of €5 is required. 

open: Tuesday January 10 - Saturday February 25, 2023 admission € 5,00